Top Digital Marketing Strategy to Avoid in 2015

Digital Marketing Strategies are crucial, effective and efficient means of informing your potential clients about your products. This is true from the birth of this concept up to present - year 2015. However, there are strategies that, rather than work for you in your marketing campaign, works against you. Investing dollars in digital marketing yet people are directed to a site that loads slowly, confusing, looks outdated or is negative will not amount to anything.

Top Digital Marketing Strategy to Avoid in 2015

What is digital marketing?

Digital marketing is a form of marketing that uses electronic gadgets, such as smartphones, personal computers, tablets, game consoles and cellphones to engage with all the stakeholders. The marketing applies platforms like

email apps, websites as well as social networks. Digital Marketing Strategy can also be through non-internet networks like Radio, TV and Short Message Services.

Why is it important?

Digital marketing enables you to acquire new clients through the now trending social media networks among many other channels. It will also enable you to beat your competitors since few companies embrace this effective form of marketing. Digital marketing is a tried and tested way of making your business stands out as it puts prospective clients first, while at the same time using all the available mechanisms, not only to acquire, but also to retain them.

In order to have a better chance of reaping the many benefits of this marketing strategy, it would help to know more about its type. Below are notable types of digital marketing.

Close Range Marketing (CRM) is the practice of using blue tooth or Wifi to send promotional messages of your products and services to your clients' tablets and smartphones at close proximity.
Relationship marketing is a type of digital marketing in which companies focus on establishing relationships with clients as opposed to always exclusively attempting to sell products to them. Clients who love your product will spend more money on the same.

Transactional marketing encourage customers to purchase products using liquidations, discounts, coupons and sales events. Companies constantly run promotional events to get potential clients into their stores.

Viral marketing involves creating business ideas, mostly in the social media that keep your products in the minds and heart of the consumer. Every time a new product is introduced, customers are given a good reason to desire to purchase the same. You should make an effort to hit on something so huge that customers are compelled to share with others.

Cause marketing involves funding a cause both your company and your customers cares about. This type requires thorough internal knowledge of the cause your company care about, and the persons it intends to help in the world. The relationship that will develop and the association clients will attach to your company will work magic as far as profitability of your business is concerned.

Examples of Effective Strategies you should follow

Before we introduce the strategies to avoid in making digital marketing a success, we'll give you some ideas first on some effective practices. Make sure to follow these in order to have a better chance of finding potential clients and encouraging them to try out your brand.

Set a goal: whatever you are looking for ways to help your business grow or you want to beat your competitors, having a goal in mind increases your chances of success a great deal. It enables your business to prosper, unlike going into the business blindly which can leave you in a big mess. Since a lot of precision and strategy goes into digital marketing, having a solid goal will go a long way in helping you focus on your objectives.
Create a marketing funnel: map out a customer's journey from when a customer is still a complete stranger to when he or she become a lead before putting in place certain strategies to encourage them move through the funnel. Utilize things like op-ins, lead magnets and offers.

Develop call-to-action (CTA): CTA is a text or image prompting visitors to take action, for instance subscribe to newsletters, request a product demo or view a webinar. It directs customers to landing pages, from where you can pick their contacts in exchange for interesting marketing offer. Effective CTA leads to more conversions and leads to your websites.

Create effective lead magnets: supply your customers with something related to your products that they want. Use your offers to gather more information concerning potential customers while at the same time driving them to your funnel. This makes them actual leads who spend money on your brand.
Drive traffics: For people to follow leads to your funnel there must be traffic on your website. Some of the ways to drive traffic to your website include; having quality content, keyword strategy, website optimization and social media.

Digital Marketing Strategies to avoid in 2015

Outdated Website: Digital advertisements directing people to a website that is less than optimal is the strategy to avoid at all costs. Your website is crucial to all your marketing strategies. With the speedy evolution of effective and efficient digital marketing, your website must be given an extreme make-over from time to time. It must also have enticing, engaging, fresh contents posted severally every month.

Promoting images of your brand only: if you're really want your prospective customers to take action and call your office immediately, give them a good reason to do so. Merely showing them a good picture will not work. Giving them an irresistible offer, on the other hand, will. Potential customers hardly care about how cool your logo appears, or even how pretty that gorgeous model is. What matters to them most is how beneficial your product is.

Lack of a clear idea of how tell if your effort is effective: one of the many advantages of a good digital marketing strategy is it is 100% measurable. Use the following measures know if your strategy is working; clicks on your advertisements and calls to your office. Also use Google criteria of measurement of success as the benchmark.

Not integrating your offline and online marketing. Avoid only specializing in online digital marketing. Instead, combine both online and offline digital marketing to achieve better results. Let both your digital marketing work in conjunction with your offline advertising to build good reputation and hence give you extra bang for your marketing buck


Digital marketing is very important in todays' marketing campaigns as it gives you more benefits. By simply posting interesting facts, positive feedbacks and comments about product and company, you (and your happy clients) can attract new clients and build strong and long lasting relationships.

A good Digital Marketing Strategy will enable you to reach out to a large group of potential clients, win their trust and eventually convert them to leads pointing other prospective clients to your brand.

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Do you have some ideas to share regarding ineffective practices in the field of digital marketing? Let us know through a comment below, other readers would certainly be interested to know about it.