Terms of Service

The terms of service below apply to both advertisers and resellers of products and services created by JAM Marketing Inc.,. The term members is interchangeable and applies equally to Advertisers, Resellers, Associates, and Affiliates.

These terms represent a contract between you and JAM Marketing Inc., and as such the terms of the contract are fully enforceable by law for all our Products and Services.

Membership Standards:

An Independent Reseller of JAM Marketing Inc., Products and Services agrees to always act honestly and fairly in a way that will enhance the reputation of the Member and JAM Marketing Inc., when representing JAM Marketing Inc., Products and Services.

A Member agrees to always offer full support as a sponsor of their personally referred members and future prospective members. This includes avoiding deceptive or illegal practices and making untrue claims regarding JAM Marketing Inc., Products and Services, and administrative officers.

A Member agrees to not make public projections and claims regarding the income potential of any member, including themselves and a Member understands that the success of other Member's may differ substantially and is determined by many variables uncontrollable by JAM Marketing Inc.,.

When promoting JAM Marketing Inc., Products and Services a member agrees to be respectful of all prospective Members. This includes respectful acceptance of all prospective Member comments and questions as well as their privacy concerns.

A Member agrees to be and understands that they are solely responsible for any and all legal and financial obligations that could result from any JAM Marketing Inc., Products and Services Membership. This includes but is not limited to self-employment taxes, income taxes, sales/use taxes, etc.

A member understands that if they have questions pertaining to any of the legal documents supporting JAM Marketing Inc., Products and Services they should contact the Support Team of JAM Marketing Inc., for the most up to date answers to resolve those questions, or view the latest terms of services at the products or services website.
Ads placed on the network by members must be... Text format only
URL'.s must be inserted in the correct places and not where the copy or heading should be.
URL'.s must not contain any frame breakers. Membership Details:

An Independent Reseller of JAM Marketing Inc., Products and Services is required to understand and abide by the rules, terms, and policies outlined by JAM Marketing Inc.,.

JAM Marketing Inc., reserves the right to change their rules, terms, and policies at any time as they deem appropriate.

JAM Marketing Inc., Products and Services comply with all federal, state, provincial, and local laws, as well as all statutes and regulations governing Network Marketing and Internet Advertising and requires every Reseller to do the same.

Independent Reseller Status:

An individual may become an Reseller by agreeing to comply with all JAM Marketing Inc., Products and Services Policies and Terms and Conditions. An applicant wishing to become an Reseller or Advertiser must fill out the appropriate registration form online.

JAM Marketing Inc., reserves the right to reject any person wanting to become an Independent Reseller or Advertiser.or withdraw the active status of an Independent Reseller or Advertiser for any reason. Withdrawal of a Member's active status by JAM Marketing Inc., for any of their Products and Services after any fees have been collected may be refundable at JAM Marketinq lnc.,'s discretion.